Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Oh, it was such a great holiday this year!! Sunday we celebrated Luna's 3rd birthday, and I made her and Marklar a nice birthday surprise! lol! I mixed half a can of wet dog food in with her normal dry food, then stuck three steak shaped doggie treats in the top like candles. Luna and Marklar *devoured* it!! =D

Jaimie had been wrapping presents earlier that day and "decorated" Luna ...which was perfect for her birthday! Such a cutie!! Oh, and Luna's adorable too!! =D She had a strip of wrapping paper tucked under her collar with two bows on the ends! The second she went outside tho ... *poof* ...both bows and the strip were gone!

On Christmas Eve we watched "It's a Wonderful Life." Jaimie and Miah had never seen it before. Miah kinda "quit" halfway thru the movie ...but Jaimie stuck it out and he really likes it. He can see why it's a classic and why so many people love it!

We opened one gift each on Christmas Eve. Jaimie used to open all the presents on Christmas Eve, but he knows how important opening presents on Christmas morning is to me, so we compromised. =D I bought him a book he'd been talking about for the past few weeks and he loves it! I also got him the first three Aliens movies because he enjoys that, and the Predator movies. He absolutely *loves* the Alien vs. Predator movie, and I wanted to get tickets for the new one that came out yesterday, but none of the theaters around here were selling them online! ; ;

I got a lot of neat stuff too! Jaimie got me Beautiful Katamari, a new shirt, a printer ('cause somehow the HP one decided to go psycho and not work), and some really nice smelling perfume and lotion!! I also got earrings and travel coffee mugs from our roommate, Pam.

Later in the day we cooked up the ham Jaimie got from Honeybaked Ham. His boss gave out gift certificates around Thanksgiving ...but ham is for Christmas!! =D So we saved it!

OMG! Honeybaked hams are sooooooo delicious!!! Needless to say, we stuffed ourselves on yummy ham!

So now things are ultra quiet... Miah's off at his mom's for a week until school starts up again. Off to get more Christmas loot! lol Jaimie and I will probably spend a nice quiet New Year's at home. I love just snuggling up on the couch with him and watching TV. =D Now it's time to finish some laundry!!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas ... have a safe and happy New Year!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Testing the waters...

My mother sent me a link to my friend Corinna's blog ...and well, here I am ...making my own! Just gonna have fun testing it out for now, then we'll see how I go from there!!