Monday, April 27, 2009

Updates Updates

It really stinks not having the internet in my home. It's really hard to get out of the house for long periods of time with Jaiden ... he usually ends up getting fussy when I come to the library with him and I never get anything done. I hope we can get our internet back soon, but I really doubt it.

Jaimie, Jaiden, and I have been sick ... again. It completely stinks!! Poor little J-bird is on more meds. This time Dr. Pease gave him a steroid to knock all the gook out of his lungs ... but it makes him pretty fussy and angry. I can't wait till he's done with it (which will be by Friday). Otherwise it's really helping ... his cough doesn't sound as yucky and he doesn't cough as much.

Last weekend was our March of Dimes walk. But with us being sick -- not to mention the day-long thunderstorms -- we didn't go. I was really looking forward to it too. But I want *all* of us to start feeling better before we undertake anything big.

Which brings me to our trip to Florida. In May we're heading to Jax to visit family and friends and introduce Jaiden and Miah to the family. I'm *SO* super excited about it! I got an Infantino baby carrier and a Moby Wrap from two wonderful ladies on Freecycle, so I can't wait to use them on our little vacation.

Anyway, I need to finish uploading some pictures to Photobucket! Hopefully it won't be another long time before I get to post again ... I so miss blogging. ; ;