Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Home Made Baby Food -- Bananas

A week or so ago, I made my first every home made baby food -- sweet potatoes.  I haven't made another batch yet to "chronicle" the step-by-step process though ... so that will be a future post!

Last night, however, I finally made my second baby food -- bananas!!  This one was way simpler than the sweet potatoes.  I stopped by my new favorite website Wholesome Baby Food to find out what I needed to do to turn my bananas into baby food.

It's this simple:

1.  Get a bunch of bananas.
2.  Peel bananas and put them in a bowl or pot.

3.  Get a potato masher and mash up the bananas.

4.  Put the mashed up bananas in your ice cube tray(s).

5.  Freeze.

Tada!  You now have banana baby food!  =D  After they were frozen, I popped them out with a fork and put them in a Ziploc freezer bag.

Just like home made mashed potatoes mashed up with the masher, there will be some lumps.  But I made sure they were small and easy for JD to swallow.  And I've let him suck and gnaw on the end of an unmashed banana, so I knew he could handle some itty bitty chunks.  If you want your bananas to be completely smooth, you can toss them into your food processor.

I did find a tip from a fellow Facebook user that adding a little lemon in with the banana will keep it from turning brown.  But I didn't seem to have that problem when I was making them.  Even so, JD didn't seem to mind if it did!

Also, the half-tray I made I put toothpicks in to make some banana pops.  JT loves them!  It's his new favorite "cake".

Amount of baby food made using 6 medium sized bananas: 24 cubes (1 cube is approx. 1 oz) 
Approximate cost ('cause I don't know where the receipt is to find out how much I paid for those bananas! lol):  $2.00

Happy Banana-ing!  =D

Friday, March 4, 2011

Potty Time

It's finally here ... potty training time. 

As excited as I am for Jaiden to learn how to use the "big boy" potty, I can't help but feel a mix of emotions.

1. My baby is growing up.  No more diapers = big boy.  *sniffle*
2. Yay!  No more diapers!  lol  That means more money for other stuff, right?!
3. Oh Lord ... how am I going to get thru potty training?!  Sure, I did it at a day care with about 20 2 year olds ... but that wasn't a 24/7 thing, ya know?

I've mostly been postponing the start of potty training for two reasons:  
1. Jaiden didn't show much interest in the toilet (aside from trying to play in it) or using it to go potty.
2. I didn't really have a good 'system' to make it easier for Jaiden to learn ... no small potty chair, no stool for him to be able to get up to the big adult potty, and an unreliable potty seat cover that goes on the big toilet.

But, just recently, I have been introduced to the Boon Potty Bench!  To me, it's a very innovative potty chair to help moms and toddlers alike.  When it's not being used as a potty, it folds up into a small step-stool and it has storage compartments to hold things like toys and toilet paper (or, heck, if my son's like his dad .. .reading materials!  lol).  

Right now there's a giveaway going on over at A Nation of Moms to win a Boon Potty Bench.  You know I'm all over it ... daily tweets and all.  But even if  Lady Luck isn't shining on me on March 20th, I plan on buying one of these awesome potty chairs!  =D

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Blog Revival

So I don't blog nearly as much as I once did.  Between two boys, my husband, crocheting, Facebooking, and heavens knows what else ... I just let it fall to the wayside.  But, I would like to try to bring back my blogging days and what better way with some Mommy and Baby stuff?!

Recently I've discovered the fun of making home made baby food for Jack.  So I'm going to start there and see how it goes!  Let's hear it for the Blog Revival!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I am Thankful for ... (2010 Recap)

As the years go on, there seems less and less to be thankful for.  Things have steadily seemed to worsen since 2009 began nearly two years ago.  But that doesn't mean there's nothing to be thankful for this year ... there's plenty!  =D  It's times like these that really make you focus on the important things in your life.

** my wonderful husband, Jaimie **

** my incredibly smart almost-2 year old son, Jaiden **

** my super strong baby, Jack-Jack **

** my dog, Luna ... as much of a pain in the butt that she can be **

** my parents **

** snow **

** wonderful friends who have not thought twice when we've needed help **

** Disney Pixar ... for making great movies that entertain Jaiden AND me! **

** Baby Talk **

** my local library **

** coffee with peppermint mocha creamer on a cold day **

** sign language, because without it I'd have no idea what Jaiden wanted! **

** consignment shopping **

** holding hands **

** playdates **

** hot baths **

** all the fans on my crochet page on Facebook **

** curling up in bed with JTUs **

** socks to keep my toesies warm **

** "Dob" **

** baby giggles **

** naptime **

** "alone time"  wink, wink lol **

** mom internet friends **

** baking cookies with Jaiden **

** keeping busy with work! **

** reading stories with my boys **

** those who serve our great country **

** popcorn and milk duds on movie nights! **

** love, because it has kept me going this year **

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Newborn Posing Guide Giveaway!! =D

After months of not posting, what's the first thing I do? Post about this awesome giveaway on!! =D It's for a Newborn Posing Guide for photographers! Awesome!!

Jackson is due in two weeks and you know the "paparazzi" is going to go nuts. So when I saw this giveaway I thought it would be great if I won and got some great ideas and tips for posing him. Even tho I'm an amateur photographer, I love learning new things. So fingers crossed I win!! =D

Now that I'm "back" ... let's hope I post a little more often! Fingers crossed for that, too!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Our Little Upi

Well, we're on the ride again! =D

In December we found out we're going to have another baby! I had an ultrasound and doctor's appointment a couple days ago and we got to see our little 'alien'. =D S/he had a strong heartbeat and waved to us! The ultrasound tech put me at about 10 weeks and my due date is August 10th, two days after Jaimie's birthday! Maybe he'll get an early present! Let's hope Upi doesn't come late like someone else I know (psst, Jaiden! lol).

So here's our little alien squiggling around in Hanger 18. =D
Our next appointment is on February 11th! By then I'll be in the second trimester (and hopefully feeling better ... morning sickness is kickin' my butt!). We're super excited and can't wait to see our little Upi again!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Year Ago Today ...

...I was in a delivery room pushing out my beautiful (pumpkinhead!) baby boy!!

I was so amazed that this beautiful little creature was *my* son. I'd always imagined myself as a mother, but it was so surreal (and sometimes still is).

Now my little baby is getting so much bigger! He's one year old today!! *sniffle* I don't know where the time went. But Jaimie's always telling me, "Don't blink." And, boy, was he right!

I am amazed and in awe of this little guy every day. He is my pride and joy and I look forward to watching him continue to grow into a wonderful little boy, teenager, and man. I love my Baby Ohz! <3

For all the birthday pictures, check out Jaiden's blog!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I am thankful for ... (2009 Recap)

** my wonderful husband, Jaimie **

** my beautiful son, Jaiden **

** my funny step-son, Miah **

** my wonderful family **

** a car that runs **

** snow **

** my fantastic neighbors **

** Elmo, for putting a smile on my son's face **

** filtered water **

** my local library **

** popcorn made on the stove **

** playdates **

** the thrift store **

** holding hands **

** sleepy-time music **

** hot baths **

** the dollar menu **

** snuggling on the couch (heck, snuggling anywhere!) **

** socks to keep my toesies warm **

** cheese-ball smiles **

** laughter **

** naptime **

** alone time **

** friends all over the country **

** homemade mashed potatoes **

** distractions **

** my rock **

** sleep **

** hard working Americans **

** love **