Thursday, October 1, 2009

What's a Blog?

So I've totally blown off my blog ... and I feel bad 'cause I love my blog!! I just get so wrapped up in a million other things -- Baby Ohz, Facebook, WoW, crocheting, spending time with Jaimie, going for walks, etc -- that there's no time for blogging!

My little man is just getting bigger and smarter every day! He is an utter joy to be around ... yes, even in his "bad" moments when he's not feeling good or just pissed in general. But those moments are so few and far between.

Jaiden can do so many things now, it's hard to imagine that only nine months ago he was just a tiny little human that only cried, pooped, and slept! He's crawling *everywhere* and, I swear, he can find everything he's not supposed to play with. As Jaimie says, "Pour a whole bunch of toys and candy on the floor, and the kid will go straight for the razor blade in the middle." Baby-proofing is no joking matter! Mostly, I just make sure his play areas are free of things he shouldn't touch so I'm not saying "No!" every five seconds! =D And Jaiden is able to explore (and oh! does he love to explore!) and play without worry that he'll get hurt or stick something in his mouth that he shouldn't!

Jaiden goes for his nine month well visit this month. I'm excited to see how he's growing and to show him off to our wonderful nurse who absolutely adores him! =D I'm such a mom ... I love taking Jaiden with me wherever I go to "show him off". He is my pride and joy!! =D

As for me, I'm trying to walk more, especially with the weather getting *much* nicer. Granted, today it had to go and rain and now the cats are meowing at me incessantly and it's driving me nuts. I have fun strapping Jaiden in his carrier and walking around the neighborhood or down to the store. Yesterday, I put him in his carriage and we went to Goodwill to find a Halloween costume. We had some luck and I found an adorable costume for him. =D I have yet to dress him up in it entirely, but I'll probably do it sometime today and take a couple pictures. I thought about playing a guessing game on Facebook to see if anyone can figure out what he's gonna be. =D I know, I'm mean! =D

Anyway, there's a baby who needs a boobie banshee-screeching at my side. So, until next time...