Tuesday, July 28, 2009

It's My Problem

I've recently realized that I'm the one with the problem when it comes to transitioning Jaiden to formula. I know he'd take formula and a bottle perfectly fine, but I just can't let go of breastfeeding. Even in those moments when his little teeth chomp down on me and I say to myself, "That's it! He's done!" ... I still find myself not wanting to give it up.

Last month I told myself that by my birthday I would have him weaned from the boobie. Now, nearing the end of July, two weeks *after* my birthday, he is still a boobie baby. LOL. So much for that plan.

When we took Jaiden for his 6 month appointment, I told the doctor that he was getting about 4-8 ounces of formula a day. I explained that I wanted to switch him, but that *I* was having difficulties with breaking the "habit." She said that if I don't want to, don't. She fully supports me breastfeeding as long as I want, so that was nice to hear. =D

My biggest worry is that I'm not producing enough. I see my friend giving her baby an 8+ ounce bottle of formula very frequently, and I worry that Jaiden's not getting enough from me (I still only produce about 4-5 ounces total). But he seems satisfied ... so I don't know. I guess we'll just have to see how he keeps doing. His weight was low at his appointment (well, not *low*, but in the 45th percentile), which the nurse said could be because he started solid foods.

Overall, I *don't* want to give up that special bond that I feel I have with Jaiden when I'm breastfeeding. It's something only I can do for him and I want to hold on to that as long as he'll let me!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Losing Weight

After I had Jaiden, I lost pretty much all the weight I had gained during the pregnancy. But afterwards, I seemed to have lost sight of how to eat well. Finally, after six months of more weight gain instead of loss, I opted to go to Babyfit's site and follow their meal plan for breastfeeding (and pregnant) women. Their main site is Sparkpeople.com, but since I'm breastfeeding, they sent me to their sister site (Babyfit).

So far, I've been doing good! [This is only day 4, so it's not like I've been at this for long.] I swear, I feel like I'm eating just as much as I was before ... but I know I'm eating a lot better food instead of snacking on stuff that's not that nutritious. I'm totally looking forward to lunch today (Salmon sammich with lettuce and tomato, a pear, and some cottage cheese!), and so far there's not much on the menu I dislike ... with the exception of grapefruit, V8, and OJ (bleh!!). I've also discovered a few things I wasn't sure I'd like ... for example, hummus. That's some good stuff!! Especially the garlic hummus! Mmmmmm!!

Even if I'm not rapidly losing weight, I feel better about eating right. It's not just for me either ... I want to show Jaiden how to eat well, even if he's too young to understand that right now. I can do this!!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday and I had a fantastic day! Jaimie got Miah and I the internet back for our birthdays (Miah's b'day is today ... so Happy Birthday Miah!!). It's great to finally be able to hop on the computer and email pictures to my mom or look up an address on Google maps or read articles about baby stuff. I missed it!!

I had Jaimie take a picture of Jaiden and I that morning. We "matched"! ^.^ Not only was it my birthday, but it was Jaiden's six month birthday too!

The rest of the day was relaxing and fun. Jaimie did one of the sweetest things ... albeit, in other peoples' eyes this might be considered "dorky." He went on World of Warcraft and asked in the trade channel if people would mind sending my character some "Happy Birthday" greetings thru the in-game mail system. When I logged on, my mailbox had three pages worth of cards and presents. =D Here's a few that were sent:

So, we may be dorky, but it totally made my day! I knew how cool it was to get mail from nice strangers, so this morning I went on and asked that people do the same for Miah. So we'll see how that turns out! =D

The only small downer to the day was the realization that I didn't get a card from my grandmother. It's still strange to think that she is no longer with us ... sometimes on Wednesdays when I call up my Mom, I expect her to be over at Gma's house after taking her out shopping. I really miss her a lot, and yesterday even more so.

It's good to be back in the world of the internet. Until next time ... and thank heavens that doesn't mean a few months from now!