Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jessa's Sunshine Corner

Well, it's official. I've started an in-home child care!! =D I have an ad running in a free publication called the Thrifty Nickel, as well as a few online classifieds. Surprisingly, I received an email today from a woman named Daisy inquiring about my day care!! She won't need my services till late April or so, but I can't believe I had someone ask about it!! Yay!!

The same day I put in my ad, I made a website for my business! I figured I could put the address in the ad and save on word space so I didn't have to pay a lot per word!! The website has a lot more information about the day care, so I think it was a great idea. I also think it looks really awesome ...almost like I'm a professional! lol

I finally broke down and decided to call it "Jessa's Sunshine Corner." I've been calling it Sunshine In-Home Child Care for the longest time, but whenever Jaimie talks about it he's used Jessa's Sunshine Corner. The former sounds a lot more 'professional' to me and I thought it would interest people. But apparently Jaimie may have been right. He felt that it might make people think it was a bigger day care and not just a small, two or three children in home day care.

Either way, I hope to get more emails and/or calls over the next week or so. My ad runs for two weeks in the Thrifty Nickel, and the online ones might stay there till I remove them. I can't wait to get at least one child and start building my day care into what I dream it will be!! Not to mention I'll finally be makin' some money!! lol =D