Friday, March 4, 2011

Potty Time

It's finally here ... potty training time. 

As excited as I am for Jaiden to learn how to use the "big boy" potty, I can't help but feel a mix of emotions.

1. My baby is growing up.  No more diapers = big boy.  *sniffle*
2. Yay!  No more diapers!  lol  That means more money for other stuff, right?!
3. Oh Lord ... how am I going to get thru potty training?!  Sure, I did it at a day care with about 20 2 year olds ... but that wasn't a 24/7 thing, ya know?

I've mostly been postponing the start of potty training for two reasons:  
1. Jaiden didn't show much interest in the toilet (aside from trying to play in it) or using it to go potty.
2. I didn't really have a good 'system' to make it easier for Jaiden to learn ... no small potty chair, no stool for him to be able to get up to the big adult potty, and an unreliable potty seat cover that goes on the big toilet.

But, just recently, I have been introduced to the Boon Potty Bench!  To me, it's a very innovative potty chair to help moms and toddlers alike.  When it's not being used as a potty, it folds up into a small step-stool and it has storage compartments to hold things like toys and toilet paper (or, heck, if my son's like his dad .. .reading materials!  lol).  

Right now there's a giveaway going on over at A Nation of Moms to win a Boon Potty Bench.  You know I'm all over it ... daily tweets and all.  But even if  Lady Luck isn't shining on me on March 20th, I plan on buying one of these awesome potty chairs!  =D

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