Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Home Made Baby Food -- Bananas

A week or so ago, I made my first every home made baby food -- sweet potatoes.  I haven't made another batch yet to "chronicle" the step-by-step process though ... so that will be a future post!

Last night, however, I finally made my second baby food -- bananas!!  This one was way simpler than the sweet potatoes.  I stopped by my new favorite website Wholesome Baby Food to find out what I needed to do to turn my bananas into baby food.

It's this simple:

1.  Get a bunch of bananas.
2.  Peel bananas and put them in a bowl or pot.

3.  Get a potato masher and mash up the bananas.

4.  Put the mashed up bananas in your ice cube tray(s).

5.  Freeze.

Tada!  You now have banana baby food!  =D  After they were frozen, I popped them out with a fork and put them in a Ziploc freezer bag.

Just like home made mashed potatoes mashed up with the masher, there will be some lumps.  But I made sure they were small and easy for JD to swallow.  And I've let him suck and gnaw on the end of an unmashed banana, so I knew he could handle some itty bitty chunks.  If you want your bananas to be completely smooth, you can toss them into your food processor.

I did find a tip from a fellow Facebook user that adding a little lemon in with the banana will keep it from turning brown.  But I didn't seem to have that problem when I was making them.  Even so, JD didn't seem to mind if it did!

Also, the half-tray I made I put toothpicks in to make some banana pops.  JT loves them!  It's his new favorite "cake".

Amount of baby food made using 6 medium sized bananas: 24 cubes (1 cube is approx. 1 oz) 
Approximate cost ('cause I don't know where the receipt is to find out how much I paid for those bananas! lol):  $2.00

Happy Banana-ing!  =D

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Elisabeth Hirsch said...

This is such a great idea! :0)