Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My New Friend

It's only been a week and four days since I gave birth to Jaiden and started breastfeeding him, but, Oh My God, I'm really sore! ^.^;; I know it's because they're not used to this kind of treatment, but, as of today, they get a bit of a break. I got my breast pump! Woot!

The lactation consultant, Megan, who visited with me in the hospital, gave me a prescription for a hospital grade pump that I get to rent for a year. If I use it that long, great! If not, I can return it when Jaiden and I are ready to stop breastfeeding. But I can already see it's going to get a lot of use and it will definitely come in handy! I've already used it twice and (although it's a very strange thing to see) I love using it! My boobies are very thankful.

One of the best benefits of me pumping is this:
Jaimie finally got to feed his son! Yay!! It will definitely help when it comes to those middle of the night feedings. That is where I have a lot of trouble (not wanting to wake up at 3 am and all), aside from the soreness. I just need to get up a good surplus of milk!

By pumping, I've realized a reason why Jaiden can sometimes get cranky after he's fed for nearly 30 minutes. I haven't been able to get an entire ounce out of my right side ... but my left gets nearly three ounces. So Jaiden might not be fulfilled if he's not getting that much from one side. The breast pump has helped me see this! =D

Oh, and in some weird moment of feeling a great amount of accomplishment, I took a picture of the bottle of expressed milk. Boobie team, GO!

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