Wednesday, January 2, 2008

...And a Happy (thhbbbbb!) New Year!!

I hope everyone's new year was fun and safe!! I made a power point slideshow (see the end of the post) of the year and have been trying like the dickens to get it to run on the blog. Unfortunately, the third slide that has our montage of pictures doesn't run like it's supposed to. It's a series of pictures of Jaimie and I over the past year, and it ends with us opening Christmas presents ...then me with one of the bows on my head. Well, it skips the whole slideshow of pictures and pops straight to the one of me and my bow! lol But hopefully most of you have gotten the emailed version of this, so you've gotten to see the whole thing!! *grins* Hooray!!!

Aside from the big news, nothing else has been going on. I've been getting ready to post my day care flyers ... New year, new business!! Yay! I'm excited about working with kids again, especially on my terms. I don't have to worry about 'corporate' breathing down my neck about silly policies (like leaving the lights on while kids nap, lol!!) ...I can do things my way. And even tho I have more freedom with my own business, I know I'll still use a lot of the things I learned while working at Childtime! The one I worked at in Mandarin is, in my opinion, the best child care facility in Jacksonville!! =D

The end of this month, our roommate, Pam, is going to be moving out. The house and all the fun bills that go with it will be OURS! =D Woot!! I'm excited about having the downstairs for the day care ...lots of room down there for the kids. And I'll be able to "quarantine" the kids away from Luna, who I think will be too excited and try to jump them. ^.^;; The only thing I'm worried about is not being able to get all my normal day-to-day stuff done 'cause I'm with the kids the whole time. Tho, with Pam moving out, I won't have to worry about "disturbing" her on the weekends by invading her room so I can do laundry!! lol

So that's it for now. Here's to a wonderful 2008!!!!!

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