Saturday, January 5, 2008

Baby's First Picture!!

After quite an annoying and emotional night, we finally got to see our little alien Newt! =D I've been looking at ultrasound pictures for a couple weeks now, and I have to say, our baby's lookin' pretty big!! =D The tech measured the baby to be 7 weeks and 6 days old, but I think I'll stick to my original 9 weeks, 5 days (using the due date calculators doctors have, I'm 10 weeks, my dating is kinda in the middle!)

I had hoped to see the heartbeat (fetal pole), but as badly as this night was going, I wasn't going to push my luck. The tech didn't say anything was wrong and he never sounded worried while he was jabbing me with that stupid 'dildo'. So I trust that baby is doing excellently and is happy not to be poked at anymore!

I also started a slideshow on "showcasing" my slowly growing belly. As the weeks go by I'll be adding new slides. I think it will be neat to see the progression. I can already see a difference between the 4 week picture and the 9 week! It's pretty cool!! So here it is!


Corinna Hoffman Photography said...
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Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Hi Jess,

Cograts on your baby news since being a mom has always been a wish of yours. Thank you for checking out my blog and for your picture comments. That park in one of my family sessions was taken at San Marco Park.

Happy New Year,