Friday, May 2, 2008

Rock Band Drums ... Easy Mode

So after months of owning the game Rock Band for Xbox 360, I finally decided to take a 'stab' at playing the drums.

When we first got the game for Miah for Christmas, we made our little band. I was the singer, Jaimie played the drums, and Miah rocked on the guitar, as usual. Well, since then, he's been completely powering thru the drumming in the game and he gets a decent work out from it. Granted, he plays on Expert, just like he does with the guitar yeah... =D

Well, I decided last night to give it a go. So this morning I sat down on the couch, pulled the drum set towards me, and proceeded to make my little drummer chick. I named her Edyth (my middle name with a Y instead of an I) and gave her light blue long hair. lol I then proceeded to start off drumming on easy ...just to get used to it. I made it thru 10 out of the 43 songs on easy mode, and I got four stars on all the songs. I was quite proud of myself. =D I'm more coordinated than I thought.

I tried again a little while ago and ended up with five stars on each of the first five songs. Then I got to "Gimme Shelter" and fubar'd that one up. ^.^ But I still did better than the first time I played thru. So Easy Mode drums is my newest thing. I'm hoping to eventually make it to at least Hard. =D I told Jaimie that maybe one day I'll be as awesome on drums as he is. He said he's been drumming for 30+ years ...maybe when I'm in my 50s I'll be a total rock star drummer. =D lol

We'll see...

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