Thursday, July 17, 2008

Belated Zoo Pictures

Mid-June, Jaimie, Miah, and I went to the zoo with Jaimie's nephew, John, and his little girl, Jessalynn. I hadn't been to our zoo in over a year and had been dying to go back. There were so many things I hadn't gotten to see on my first trip, and they also added a new butterfly exhibit. So we decided to go back and show Jessalynn our wonderful zoo! Here's a few of my favorite pictures from our wonderful afternoon!!

Jaimie and I in front of a waterfall
Jessalynn and I with Mr. Octopus!
Penguins in Love!New picture of our hands on the water wall <3My, what big teeth you have!Instead of a car, we got him a rhino ...we figured it's just as dangerous! =D And, hey, it's got a 60% speed increase!So many pretty butterflies in the new butterfly exhibit ...but this one was most definitely the prettiest!!

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Corinna Hoffman Photography said...

Hi Jess! Thanks for your comment on my Sea World pictures--yep, I sure remember how you always wanted to be a trainer at Sea World :) I just got back today from our Alaskan cruise, and I'll post some whale pictures in my blog soon--though they're not as entertaining as the ones at Sea World.

PS - so good to hear from you. I actually had a dream last night that you are at Kellie's upcoming bachelorette party. Cool.