Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My First (Completed) Crocheting Project!!

At the beginning of June I decided to follow in the footsteps of two women I love dearly -- my mother and my grandmother. For years they have been crocheters and have created beautiful blankets (and I think some pillow covers and little baby sweaters too!). So I went to Wally World and got myself a 3-pack of crocheting hooks and a skein of yarn!

Unfortunately, I decided to start big ... a blanket for Jaimie that would also fit our (queen-sized) bed. Not too terrible, I admit ...but I was using a 5.00mm hook ...which isn't very big. I ended up doing five rows of single crochet, then started (and completed) three rows of double crochet before 'forgetting' about it.

I had borrowed a book from the library, Kids Crochet (because all the 'adult' crochet books were way over my beginning crocheter's head =D) and decided I wanted to make the little tool pouch. Finally, last week, I went back to Wally World and got two skeins of yarn (pink and mint green), as well as a few new crocheting hooks (of larger and varying sizes) and some yarn needles. On Saturday, I got to work!

By Sunday night I had finished a 14 inch by 12 stitch rectangle of beautiful crocheting goodness! And here's what it looked like!

Next, it was time to assemble this long bit of material into a tool pouch. So I took the mint green yarn and a yarn needle and sewed it all up! I sewed on a few pearly buttons and VOILA!! Here is my masterpiece!!!

I am super excited that I made this cute little pouch and now I also have a great place to store all the hooks and needles I bought! =D My next big feat will be to learn how to crochet in the round (circular crochet), so I can make a hat!! I tried it out on Sunday night, but I don't think I did too well! lol Not to mention I need a few stitch markers to help me keep track of where my initial stitch was in the circle!

So look for more fun crocheting projects to come! ...that is if I don't 'forget' about them again!


Karen P. said...

Hi Hello What a cute idea to store all the items we need to knit and crochet. I joined the CAL (crochet along) group and since made a blog first time and i'm so stuck...what do i use for a address to get to it? on my own com i type in http://bumbiprojects.blogspot.com/ but it won't work for others. Once i get that established i want to get the music like you have. It's my first time and i'm stuck. It has something to do with cronicles of a crocheter? and the Lion Brand yarn. Can you help me?

Karen P. said...