Thursday, August 14, 2008

I L-O-V-E 'Horror'scopes!

While visiting Babycenter, I clickied on their link to parent-child horoscope relationships. I have always found it odd how the description of my sign fits me so well. I have never tried to conform to it, but just seem to have developed this way on my own. I, myself, was born under the sign of Cancer, the crab. For the first 10 years of my life, I grew up with a Taurus (mom), Virgo (Gma), and Libra (Gpa) to guide me. Then my mom got married to my father, a Cancer ...and they had my brother, another Cancer. Our house was a bunch of crabs and a bull. lol =D Despite all the head-butting and stubbornness in our house, it has always been a very loving environment (Cancers tend to be very nurturing and homebodyish).

Now that I have my own family, it's nice to see the dynamics of a new set of signs under one roof. Jaimie is a Leo (my King! <3)

Compatibility between Jaimie and I goes like this:

"As a parenting team, you two share many fine qualities. You are both extremely loyal when it comes to your family. You are committed to your children over all else and find great joy in caring for them and watching them grow. You're sentimental, loving, and affectionate. This isn't to say that you bring identical gifts to the table, though. You do have your differences.

The Cancer parent can be shy and brooding, highly sensitive to emotions and perceived slights. You prefer a quiet night at home to having friends over. The opposite may be true for the Leo mom or dad, who likes to shine in front of as many people as possible. The Leo parent is more open and playful. There may be some dramatic moments in your home, but any tension will soon blow over like a summer storm, leaving everyone clean and refreshed."

As a parent to my little Capricorn-to-be:

"You and your Capricorn child have similar concerns when it comes to feeling safe and secure. You both naturally thrive in a stable home life, surrounded by people you can depend on. Although your child may have worldly ambitions from an early age, your emphasis on family and tradition provides her with a firm foundation. You can be that anchor for your little Capricorn, giving her the emotional support she may not even realize she needs.

From an early age, your Capricorn child is responsible and driven, and she might forget the importance of relaxing or paying attention to her feelings. That's where you, as her parent, come in. You are sensitive to her moods and know just when and how to get through to her. Gently remind your little one to rest and recharge, and soothe her when she overextends herself."

All this horrorscope stuff has made me wanna look for books when I head to the library today. Aside from the zodiac signs, I enjoy numerology and tarot. Hopefully my little podunk library has a book or two on these!! =D I'd love to see what a numerology book says about the names we've picked out for Baby Ohz! =D

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