Monday, August 11, 2008

Spilling the Beans

Well, it's been a (sorta) big secret for nearly five months now ... but I'M PREGNANT! =D

Jaimie and I decided to keep this pregnancy on the down-low because we were afraid of telling people too soon then losing the baby. Well, after four and a half months, and consistent movement from our little one, I feel a lot better about sharing our news with the world.

Little Baby Ohz (our nickname for him/her) will be due in late December or early January. According to the due date calculator, Baby Ohz's expected due date is January 8, 2009. But who knows if the baby will come sooner or later. =D

I created a baby blog a month ago because it was getting to me that I couldn't chronicle and share the adventures of pregnancy with anyone. Baby Ohz's blog can be found here: It gets updated fairly regularly, so keep yer eyes open. =D