Friday, August 15, 2008

Where are you, Feet?

Last week I was in Wal-mart with Miah and found a really cute maternity tank top that said "Can you tell me if my shoes match?" I jokingly looked down past my belly at my feet. There they were ... well, half of them anyway! I wiggled my toes and put the tank back (not because I didn't want it tho!! lol, just didn't have the $$ for that *and* my awesome new maternity bermuda shorts!).

Yesterday, on my regular Thursday library/Wal-mart outing, I again stopped by to check out the tank top (and nearly freaked that they were sold out! But I found one hiding!). This time I was wearing a flowing dress, so I pulled it back and again looked down at my feet. But ...where were they?! OMG! I lost them!! Distressed, but happy ...I resigned myself to the fact that I would not be seeing them for quite some time. Now I *really* do need that tank top.

So, in a week's time, Baby Ohz has grown so much that I've lost sight of my feetsies. Excuse me, but ...Do my shoes match? =D

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jlmishler said...

An excuse to get a prenatal friendly pedi!!! Hehehe. I know cant we all wish!