Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Come with Me to the Land of Nerd

Before January 2006, when the Burning Crusade expansion came out for World of Warcraft, there was a big, scary dragon named Onyxia that resided in her lair in the Swamp of Sorrows. Large groups of adventurers would attempt to slay this dragon, but many were never seen again.

(Warning: This video is an animation of a 40-man raid's voicechat while attempting to kill Onyxia. There is adult language and themes, not to mention a lot of nerdy WoW-speak, so please don't watch if you're offended by such things! Don't forget to turn off the music from the player before clicking Play below!)

Since Burning Crusade, Onyxia was all but forgotten ... the new areas and challenges of Outlands called to many adventurers. There were still a bold few that would hunt Onyxia, but mostly she was left to gather dust in her cave of fiery doom.

A few nights ago, young Prince Vallangaard and his lovely Priestess Avanaar decided to pay a visit to Onyxia's Lair. Many moons before they had entered her lair, only to be thwarted by her guards. This was their chance for vengence...

Had they been fully prepared for the battle they would face, they would surely have beaten her. But she had a few unexpected tricks up her sleeve ...

After speaking with many locals, and some adventurers who had managed to escape Onyxia's claws, Prince Vallangaard decided to mount another attack against her Royal Dragoness. This time, however, he recruited the beautiful paladin, Alyssaria, and his elven son, Terrashard, to help battle the dragon.

With the help of Terrashard's ability to track Onyxia's movements, and the added damage and healing provided by Alyssaria, Prince Vallangaard and his companions battled long and hard. And in the end, they had their victory over the dreaded Onyxia!!!

And though they were rewarded greatly for slaying Onyxia, the greatest reward was working together as a family ...a three-man team... and beating down this feared and long-forgotten foe.

All of Stormwind now knows of their deed that day. Onyxia's head hangs at Stormwind's entrance, showing all who feared her that she is no more!

Three cheers for the Team Supreme!! =D

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