Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Who Knew...

...that the cable company actually wants payment for their services! ^.^

Well, we knew that ...but in order for us to have some sort of Christmas, something had to be "let go" and that just happened to be our cable bill ... phone, internet, and TV.

Unfortunately, we're not well off or living comfortably ... each month is a struggle, but we always make it work out and find a way thru. Jaimie and I are really starting to think there's someone watching out for us and helping us through these tough times until I can get my daycare going in February.

If anything, we know we have each other. Love may not keep a roof over our head, but it definitely helps us figure out *how* to keep that roof over our heads! They say finances is one of the top things that can tear a married couple apart. Well, so far, the "bumps in the road" have only made us stronger!

And, truthfully, two weeks without TV and internet isn't so bad ... I actually get things done around the house instead of sitting here on my bum typing away at the keys. And, I got a few books read! I usually get too lazy for that when the idiot box is around. =D And not having the phone ringing off the hook for Miah is nice ... I swear, last night when the phone came back on, the phone rang three times within 15 minutes. How did his friends find out so fast?! lol

So hooray for being unplugged ... even if it was only two weeks. I will admit I did miss the internet very much ... especially now that it has its new-found use of chatting with family in Florida, California, and Jersey/PA via the webcam! But, at least it's back up for when Jaiden decides to make his appearance ... pictures and webcam galore!! Yay!!

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