Thursday, November 6, 2008

32 Weeks (OMG, That's 8 Months!)

Today I had an appointment with my OB, Dr. Harper-Harrison, and using her little swirly chart I'm 32 weeks pregnant! I can't believe that's 8 months!! Holy crap!

Jaiden was much more cooperative this time when she used the doppler to check for his heartbeat. He only tried to 'escape' once. =D Last time I saw her, he was playing hide-and-seek! =D

Dr. HH is so nice and is great at answering my questions. I prepared a 'list' to bring with me, 'cause otherwise I'll forget what I wanna ask! We started talking about labor today ...starting with pain management options. She's not all about pushing meds on people, which I like a lot! And I let her know that I understand pain meds are available, but I want to try to 'do it on my own' first. I'm not some 'natural birthing' fanatic ...but since I've never done the whole 'labor' thing before, I'd like to give it my best go. =D

In the following weeks, we'll be talking about C-sections and episiotomies and such. She seems like she doesn't like C-sections unless they're absolutely necessary, so I like that very much. =D Barring any medical emergencies, I'd really like Jaiden to come out on his own! =D

My next appointment is in two weeks -- Nov. 20th. Hooray!!!

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