Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So I Don't Hear It From My Mother!

A couple months ago, I got "scolded" by my mom for not taking full-sized monthly belly pictures. =D She wanted to see more than just my nakee belly, I guess. ^.^

So starting in my sixth month (when I got "scolded"), I've taken a monthly picture of me *and* my belly. =D I could have *sworn* I posted them on my blog, but could only find my 6 month picture on Jaiden's blog. So now I'm playing 'catch-up', I guess. =D

Here we go:

6 months
7 months
8 months
Maybe it's just me, but I swear it doesn't look like I got much bigger! lol (Now my stomach is yelling at me: "Do you see these stretch marks? I know they're itching you to death, so you have to *know* you're stomach's bigger!") Okay, I can totally see it in my face tho ... bleh! ^.^;;

I'm hoping that this weekend or the next, to take some wanna-be professional looking photos. I've been looking at lots of sites and have some poses in mind (hands making a heart over the tummy, Jaimie kissing the tummy, etc), and have already thought about setting up a mock-studio in the basement. =D We'll see how it turns out. Thank heavens for digital ... we can take *tons* of pics and sort thru them! =D I still wish I had a better camera to take them with tho! lol *Actually* I wish I had Jacksonville's Hottest Photographer!!!! But I'll make due with the "Hottest Photographer" in my house ...my Jaimie! Damn, he's sexy! =D lol

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