Saturday, February 21, 2009

So Proud of My Love

I had my 6 week post-partum check-up yesterday ... but details on that in a moment.

The first thing Dr. Gina did when she came into the room was address Jaimie about the note he left for the nurses during our hospital stay with Jaiden. A little while after leaving me a special note, Jaimie went back out and wrote "Thank You Nurses" in the snow. They apparently got such a big kick out of it that they took a picture of it and now have copies of it hanging up on the Labor and Delivery floor. Dr. Gina was impressed by Jaimie's creativity and skill of snow writing ... she said she'd never seen anything like that before and loved its originality. I can't tell you how proud this made me!! *MY* Jaimie did that! Just one simple act from him made so many people happy! =D Do you see why I freakin' love this man?! =D

LOL ... I'm still gushing about it. I totally want to take a trip over to the hospital and visit the L&D floor to check out the picture! I never got to see his note to them, but he told me all about it. That, and when I go to visit, I can bring Jaiden and *totally* show him off!! =D They were all such great nurses and I would love for them to see the child they helped me care for in those first couple days.

As for my 6 week check-up, everything is cleared for normal activities! =D Dr. Gina said things looked great ... so Jaimie and I are excited to get back to normal. We did tell Dr. Gina that we 'cheated' on V-day ... but she said as long as I was feeling okay, she wasn't worried about it. =D She was surprised I even let him in the room near me! lol Thankfully, my desires and passion for Jaimie have not changed ... we just need to work on timing things when Jaiden's taking a looooong nap. =D

I also got a prescription for the 'mini-pill'. I had asked Dr. Gina about getting on a birth control that wouldn't affect my breastfeeding because I read that the estrogen in most birth controls can decrease your supply. And since my supply seems very small already, I didn't want to mess it up! =D The mini-pill is just the hormone progesterone, and because of that I have to be even more diligent about taking it at the *same time* every day ... or else the chance for effectiveness drops from the 90th percentile to the 70th ...or something like that. Jaimie was funny tho ... when the nurse asked if we were ready for another, he said, "Well, babies are like bombs ... you gotta drop 'em in clusters." Meaning just have a whole bunch around the same time. >.> So I don't think he's worried about having another one so soon, but I at least want to wait till the end of the year and let my brain forget some of the newborn stuff, like waking up every couple hours in the middle of the night!! =D

Anyway, I'm going to go finish feeding J, then upload the pictures and video I took over the past couple days. I *finally* got my picture of Jaiden and Dr. Gina! Yay!! So I'll post that over on J's blog, as well as some bathtime pictures! =D He's just too stinkin' cute and I can't stop taking pictures!!!!!

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The Callenders said...

LOL!! Im on the mini pill as well. I dont wanna get pregnant anytime soon. We are going to try fora boy, but that wont be till we get all settled in in Georgia. I want a boy BAD!!