Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Truth or Dare Tuesdays

So I've decided that when I do 'T&D', it will be on Tuesdays. Similarly, my blogger and BBC buddy Monty has 'Wordless Wednesdays', which I may do as well. Who better to copy than a great woman like Monty?! So here's 'T&D' for this week.

Truth: I miss being pregnant.

It was definitely a whole lot easier taking care of Ohz when he was inside me! I love having him here with me, but I miss feeling his kicks and hiccups from the inside. Not to mention, the volume level decreases significantly when he was in my tummy!! lol I find myself dreaming of being pregnant again ... having the cute belly, an excuse for excessive eating, and people catering to my every need (although Jaimie does that regardless of me being preggo or not). Although, all it takes is one crying fit from Ohz, and I'm ready to wait 10 years before getting pregnant again!

Dare: Enjoy the time I have one-on-one with Jaiden.

And remember that I will get to do the pregnancy thing again. I still want my Jiana! =D

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Dawn Milton said...

I know what you mean!! It's been two years on the 26th and I STILL miss being pregnant. I too miss the kicks and turns, and the feeling that I was carrying such a precious treasure. They are easier to care for in the belly, but so much more enjoyable to be able to hold them and play with them (just wait till Jaiden starts walking).