Saturday, March 21, 2009

Goodbye BSG

Last night Jaimie and I watched the series finale of Battlestar Galactica. It was a bittersweet moment because since we started watching this show last year, it's been our "Friday Date Night" show.

We were hoping and praying that the finale would tie up everything with a nice little bow, and we were not disappointed. There were things done by certain characters that really made Jaimie cheer ... the writer in him hates that the majority of stories nowadays contain too much "mercy". Obviously not everyone is like that, so when characters in stories act against the 'norm' of most shows and books, it really makes him smile. =D

As the show ended, Jaimie and I held hands as tears of joy and sorrow welled in our eyes. We've watched some video blogs that one of the executive producers made, and the cast and crew of BSG cried as well. Over the past five years, they had become a family, and they had let so many people into it. BSG will be greatly missed, but I am so thankful for the wonderful story we got to be a part of!

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