Monday, March 2, 2009

My New "Obsession"

A couple weeks ago, I caught a couple episodes of America's Best Dance Crew Season 3. I've always been impressed with dancers, so this show really caught my interest. But I kinda forgot about it until this past Friday night when they were running a marathon of it on MTV. These groups of dancers are so talented and athletic ... and I *love* watching them!

The show's finale is this Thursday night and I can't wait to watch it! The last two crews are both amazing and it's going to be such a hard decision. I'm so torn between Beat Freaks and Quest Crew!! Like I said, they're both amazingly talented groups ... but lately I've been leaning a little toward Quest Crew. They're not only athletic and well-coordinated, but they're entertaining too. They always seem to create characters while they're dancing, and they always make me laugh, as well as WOW me! =D

In the final week before the finale, the remaining crews were challenged to the "Hip-Hop Decathlon". They had to incorporate four very tough hip-hop styles into their routines: tutting, threading, waving, and krumping. I couldn't find a video for the Beat Freaks' routine, but here's Quest Crew's! They completely rock!

All the episodes can be found at America's Best Dance Crew on MTV's website. I've been voting for both teams until I can decide who I like better! LOL And come Thursday night, we'll find out who wins ... Beat Freaks or Quest Crew!!

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