Friday, September 5, 2008

Ahhh! Cankles!!

So, last night, I got up from playing WoW with Jaimie and Miah 'cause I had to pee!! lol When I sat down in the bathroom, I looked down to find that my right ankle was missing! It was so swollen that it looked like my calf and ankle were one in the same. It was like I sprained my ankle badly but didn't have any of that nasty pain associated with a sprain. =D

I'm thinking it was caused by a combination of the socks I wore that day and me sitting at the computer too long. When I ran out to the library and Wal-mart today, I grabbed a pair of footie socks to wear that are notorius for leaving an indent in my skin (you can see the line in the middle of my foot in the picture). I didn't really think twice about it, 'cause I usually take my socks off the second I'm back in the house. But they were so comfy yesterday that I left them on.

Even tho the swelling has gone down, I find it very weird that it only occurred on my right side. One of the sites I looked up gave a list of things to do to prevent swelling. I've done more than a few of these that have probably helped cause the cankles -- like crossing my legs/ankles when I sit at the computer; sitting at the comp too long; wearing those darned socks that were too tight; not having my feet up; and I could probably do with some more water throughout the day. lol So I have a lot to work on. But I'm glad it happened the night before my doctor's appointment, because I can ask her about it this afternoon. Hopefully it's nothing and is just normal cankles. It's just the one-sidedness of it that worries me most.

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Karen P. said...

Hi Hello I went back to read all your blogs and listen to the great music and enjoyed all. When is your baby due? You sound like a happy go lucky person that really appreciates life. I wish you the best. Karen P. in Wisconsin