Monday, September 29, 2008

Today's Doctor Visit

Well, I didn't actually see the doctor today. This was my OB new patient work-up appointment. I went in, filled out paperwork, then the nurse took me back and got my weight and blood pressure (which she said was great! No yucky preeclampsia worries yet!), and then she asked me mostly the same questions I had already filled out for her paperwork. =D lol She gave me a freebie bag with information on pregnancy and also some samples of formula. Then I peed in a cup for her and lastly I had my blood drawn (bleh! needles...).

I made another appointment before I left, and hopefully I'll be approved for Medicaid by then. The receptionist told me, however, that if I was declined, the clinic has a financial aid form that I can fill out and apply for if I am declined. That was very nice of her to let me know that! =D So my next official see-the-doctor appointment is October 27th. A month away! lol ...I'll be over 7 months by then. My doctor won't have a lot of work to do before I pop! =D

Otherwise, just dealing with 'Revenge of the Cankles.' I think that because of my accident on Thursday, since I haven't been able to move my ankles and toes normally, my circulation got all funky and helped fuel the return of the cankles. ; ; To me, they're alot worse than the first occurance earlier this month ... I actually press my finger into the top of my foot and it leaves a crater! Bleh! These are not my feet ...maybe it's a good thing I can't see them as well! =D

So that's all for now. Time for lunch! =D

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