Monday, September 22, 2008

Hair Growth ...or lack thereof...

So, yes has taken me this long to realize that my hair has not really been shedding at its normal rate. Before pregnancy hormones rampaged my body, it was a very normal occurrence that a decent little ball of hair would fall off my head during showers. Now I'm luck if a few strands fall out. This probably wouldn't be too much of a problem if I had shorter hair. But, I've let my hair keep growing since meeting Jaimie because he adores long hair. It makes him sad even if I mention getting it trimmed (to get rid of split ends of course!)! ^.^

So now ...I have a super head of *long* hair. It was thick to begin with it's super duper thick because of the pregnancy. I did some reading and here's what I found out:

"Normally, your hair goes between an active growing phase and a resting phase. At any one time, about 90% of the hair on your head is actively growing at a rate of about half an inch a month for two to six years. The remaining 10% are in a resting phase where they will stay for two to three months before falling out. During pregnancy, though, the increase in hormones causes more of your hair to enter into the resting phase, resulting in the appearance of thicker hair."

Also, I read somewhere that you can experience slowed down growth of leg hair ...which, I think, is fantastic ...seeing as it's getting harder and harder to shave my legs! lol I thought it was pretty strange that I didn't seem to need to shave very often! =D But I definitely like it! Saves me money on razors!

Anyway, to do a little comparison, I went thru my pictures and found one of me (and my hair) last August, as well as one that we took over the weekend. So here's my hair from one year to the next:

I'd say it's nearly doubled in length ...but that's just me. =D I've been practicing self-braiding I've never *ever* been good at doing *anything* with my hair. As I was braiding my hair today, I was reminded of my mother. When she was pregnant with me, she too had very long hair and used to braid it. It's almost as if I'm carrying on a tradition by having my hair long and braided too. Unfortunately, she cut hers off after I was born, but she still has the braid of her hair. Scissors + my hair = Sad Jaimie. hehe So mine will remain long ...just constantly pulled back and out of the way of tiny, grabby hands.

Here is my tribute to my mother's long braided hair:

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