Friday, September 26, 2008

One of my worst fears come true ...

**** First off, so no one worries too much ...Baby Ohz is doing fine. This post is not about him/her. ****

Jaimie and I live in a raised ranch style home. Our main floor is where we have our living space -- bedrooms, kitchen, living room, bathrooms, etc. The bottom floor, or basement, is where I have my daycare space set up, as well as our laundry room and garage. A staircase in the kitchen leads down to the lower floor from the main floor.
Since I moved here over a year ago, one of my biggest fears has been falling down our stairs. Usually the only time I'm worried is if I have to carry something down the stairs ...and I frequently haul my laundry basket up and down these stairs. So I worry a lot.

So, after using these stairs thousands of times, carrying laundry up and down, it finally happened. Thankfully not to the extreme that I always feared ...but it was enough to scare the living crap outta me. As I got to the bottom of the stairs carrying a basket full of clothes, I missed that last step at the bottom. As I look back on it, I kind of amuse myself because in that split second when my foot missed, I thought to myself, "Duh, stupid, you still had one more step."

I can't tell you exactly what I did after that. I can't remember if I dropped the basket as I fell to the floor or if I got to the bottom, dropped the basket on my own and then dropped myself to the floor as pain started to radiate from my ankles. I can tell you I missed the step ...and I can tell you I was on the floor cursing ...but if you ask me about the fall itself, I have no clue.

By missing that step, I twisted both my ankles really bad. They *hurt* like nobody's business. Thankfully, Jaimie had called me about 10 minutes before I went down the stairs to say he was really close to home and on his way. So I was only at the bottom of the stairs for about 30 seconds before he came thru the door. Obviously this was not what he was expecting when he got home ... and after the day(s) we've had lately, this one was just icing on the cake.

Again, to reassure everyone ...Baby Ohz is perfectly fine. Thankfully, I fell from where I did and not higher up on the stairs. *That* would definitely have been bad. The only thing injured on me is my ankles. They haven't swollen (at least not that I noticed), but my pinky toe on my left foot is bruised. Last night, I had to limp because my right foot was hurting more than my left ...but today it is the opposite. I've taken acetaminophen to ease the pain, but ended up waking up at 4:30ish this morning because the meds wore off. Boy, did my ankles hurt. And here I thought I'd be hobbling around from being pregnant before I ever had to hobble around for anything else!

And, as an added note, when I had my weekly Wednesday conversation with my Mom, we talked about me carrying laundry up and down the stairs. She had said if it were her, she'd just throw the basket down the stairs and pick it up at the bottom. Jaimie has now restricted me from basket carrying on the stairs, so I'm going to have to go with Mom's method if I want to get my laundry done. =D

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