Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Friday's Visit to the Doctor

As some of you know, my prenatal care has been ...well... non-existent. It's not because I don't want to, tho, but because I haven't been able to. Well, Friday I made an appointment with our family doctor to ask her some 'girl stuff' and if/how it would affect the pregnancy (plus I figured she would have some advice for me *and* possibly be able to use a doppler ... most doctors' offices have them).

Jaimie was able to get off early and he met me at Dr. Wilson's office. We went in, talked to her, and about ten minutes later she was ready to listen to the heartbeat. We didn't even have to ask! =D Not only is she a great doctor ... she's a hawtie too! =D lol

As she walked out for the doppler, she joked about heartbeats. Jaimie and I would definitely love twins ... but I truthfully think it's just one Baby Ohz in there. I'm sure I'd be a lot bigger by now if I was carrying twins! Dr. Wilson came back in with the doppler and proceeded to hunt down Baby Ohz' heartbeat. She found it pretty quickly on the left side of my belly button. It was the most wonderful sound Jaimie and I have ever heard! Dr. Wilson said the heartbeat was at 150 (and according to old wives' tales, that means Baby Ohz is a girl! lol).

As she was listening, Baby Ohz kicked the doppler and it made this loud static sound. I busted out laughing because I not only *heard* the kick, I felt it as well. Jaimie only made my giggle fit worse, but I finally calmed down and Dr. Wilson was able to continue. =D

She moved the wand to the right side of my tummy where you could still hear the heartbeat, but she said it had an echo on it. She thinks that was the umbilical cord (and not another baby! lol). After one last listen, she helped wipe up the doppler goo and our appointment continued.

One of the reasons we like Dr. Wilson is that she's completely straight with us. She doesn't sugar coat anything ... something Jaimie has always liked about her. She is just brutally honest. After talking to her, Jaimie has changed his mind about Medicaid. We talked about it at length, and I reassured him we wouldn't need it for long. I don't plan on 'mooching' from the government forever ... just until I can get my business going and we can be completely stable.

As we were leaving, we spent a few more minutes chatting with Dr. Wilson. We talked to her about the miscarriage we had in January, and she told us that she had had two miscarriages herself, but still has two beautiful children. It's a horrible thing to have happen, but it's also kind of reassuring to know that my doctor knows how it feels to go thru something so physically and emotionally taxing. It's also reassuring to us to know that miscarriages don't mean you can't have a healthy baby (or babies!).

So Friday afternoon was absolutely wonderful. We had a great conversation with Dr. Wilson and we got to hear our little Baby Ohz' heart beating away! S/he even has our sense of humor already by kicking at the doctor! =D

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