Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What else haven't you told me??

So I knew a lot of the basic symptoms I would experience during pregnancy -- morning sickness, weight gain, water retention, back pain, fatigue, etc. What I didn't really know a lot about I read in pregnancy books -- headaches, my hair not falling out, and a couple others.

What I didn't know was that I would experience a symptom not in my previous knowledge base or in any of my books. But it's something that occurs in many women during pregnancy.

So here it is ... something 'they' never told me! ...My hands frequently fall asleep at night to the point that it wakes me up and my hands are numb and tingly. I don't sleep on them, and really, it's mostly my right hand that this happens to ... because when laying on my left side, I have a tendency to curl my hand around Jaimie's or underneath my chin, which bends my wrist and apparently cuts off my already stressed-out circulatory system.

I've always had a 'weird' circulatory system feet have always fallen asleep faster than most peoples' ...and I have experienced times when, after sleeping on my hand, it has fallen asleep. But never have I had a hand fall asleep just by having it bent!

Many women get Carpel Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) during pregnancy because of the increase of fluids pumping thru our bodies that puts pressure on the nerves in our wrists. So far, my wrists do not hurt I don't think my hand tinglies can be completely diagnosed as CTS. Hopefully, it won't get that bad either!

So Jaimie's new mission, he says, is to wake up throughout the night and make sure my wrists are straight. ^.^ And, actually, I only had one incident last night where I was woken by a tingly, numb hand. So he must be doing a good job! =D

Well, to all women out there, don't let anyone tell you that your hands falling asleep is not a symptom of pregnancy! I am here to attest to this little known, but fairly common, pregnancy malady! ^.^;

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Yo said...

Jessa - this happens more than is even happens to me ALL the time. It is actually the nerves in your hands and not your blood vessels. (You will get pins and needles if it's blood that makes your limbs "fall asleep" upon "waking" them. You have your median nerve (carpal tunnel) and your ulnar nerve. The increased circulation impacts them which makes them go haywire. My pinky finger the one next to it are most affected...helps if you rest your arms on a pillow when resting on your side. And, don't bend your wrists or elbows too much, that can make it worse too. Hang in there - all these "symptoms" are worth the price of a healthy baby! xoxo Yo!