Monday, October 13, 2008

The Discomfort Begins

Okay, so they say that the second trimester is your "feel good" trimester ...and once you hit the third you go back to feeling crappy like you did in the first trimester. It's a completely different kind of crappy tho ...well, at least for me (indigestion, for the lose). And, truthfully, it's not really *that* crappy ...I'm just being whiny. =D

Yesterday, especially last night, I started to feel *SO* uncomfortable. I swear, I am super hot from the moment I wake up till I go to bed at night. And no, not that kind of hot ...tho Jaimie would argue otherwise! lol I don't know if it's my new 'corner' in the office ...or if it's pregnancy hormones ...or what. But it's seriously an oven over here!! Jaimie just smiles and turns the air on for me. =D

Also, I think Baby Ohz is doing more renovating (aka growing) in there because my tummy felt super tight and heavy yesterday evening. I had a lot of trouble getting comfy in bed last night too. I feel like my tummy's so big already (and yet, not ...sometimes I think I don't look 'far enough along') I can't imagine it in the next couple months!!

Mm-kay, so that's my little whiny rant for now. But for every moment of discomfort and blechiness on my end, I am just so thankful that our little boy is doing so well!! And, no matter what, I would do this all over again!! =D

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