Monday, October 27, 2008

I Love My Jaimie! <3

Friday I felt the first flickers of an oncoming cold. Jaimie and Miah had both been sick over the past week, and I *almost* thought I was gonna dodge the bullet. Saturday I woke up with my nose more stuffy than normal and feeling a little froggy. Jaimie had to work, so I just stayed curled up in our nice warm bed and rested.

I got up around 10:30, my head feeling fuzzy. After consulting the "guidebook" my doctor's office gave me, I took some cold medicine that I'd bought for Jaimie a few days prior. I tried to check my emails and read thru blogs and play a little WoW, but I just felt miserable. So I went and laid down on the couch.

Jaimie came home a little while later with Jimmy John's. We'd never had it before and let me tell you completely blows away Subway, Quiznos, and Blimpies combined!! lol Even in my blechy state, it still tasted absolutely delicious! hehe

After lunch, we went into the office, but Jaimie could tell I still wasn't feeling good. He asked if I wanted to lay down and I told him, "Yes, but I missed you all day and don't want to spend time away from you." So what does my hero do? He goes into Miah's room (he was at his mom's for the weekend) and pulls the mattress off his bed and puts it on the floor of the office! So I grabbed a pillow and a blanket from our room and curled up on my make-shift bed.

Finally, my meds wore off and I was able to sleep, which my body had been so desperately trying to do since about noon! I probably slept for about four hours or so, but I woke up feeling much better! All thanks to my Jaimie who did something as simple as give me a place to rest in the same room he was in. Because of his love and care and attention, I woke up feeling absolutely fantastic on Sunday!! No sniffles, no sinus pain, nothing!!

Yes, I most definitely love my Jaimie!!!!!!!!

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