Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Little Scare Turned into a Nice Surprise

So, Jaimie and I had a bit of a scare yesterday. When I woke up and went potty, I noticed bright red blood on the toilet paper. I had been having minor cramps since the day before, but had attributed it to "growing pains". I tried not to be too worried, especially since I had been feeling the baby move that morning before getting out of bed, but all I could think of was when we went to the ER in January because I was spotting and found out we'd lost our baby.

I called up my new doctor's office and they had me come in. Jaimie met me at the office and we went in and saw their nurse practitioner, Erica. First thing she did was check for the baby's heartbeat ...this was really Jaimie and I's moment of truth ...we had been thru this awful experience before in the ER. But Erica found it almost immediately and said the heartbeat was good and strong in the upper 150s. That right there relieved *SO* much worry ...but we still didn't know why I was bleeding. My thoughts had gone to either 1. a placental abruption or 2. placenta previa.

Erica then did a quick pelvic exam to see if the problem was with my cervix. It was my cervix ...but not how I'd thought. Erica found the bleeding on the outside of my cervix ...the opening is still nice and closed up tight. However, she wanted to do an ultrasound just to make sure the placenta was where it should be and the baby was swimming around happily. I, of course, jumped for joy on the inside ...an ultrasound!!!! Yay!!!

Luckily, there was a quick opening in the ultrasound tech's schedule for 3 pm, otherwise I would have had to go across the street to the hospital ...and *really* have to relive a horrible experience. Jaimie and I went home for 30 minutes and headed back to the office just before 3 pm. Colleen, our ultrasound tech, didn't seem very happy that we weren't doing a full scan ...she didn't see the point in us having to pay for two scans, since I haven't had a full anatomy scan done. But she did a quick scan anyway, to check the baby and placenta.

And that's when (mostly Jaimie) got to see our little Baby Ohz! Colleen wasn't really explaining anything because (I think) she was in a rush. But when Jaimie asked her, "Is that the baby's spine you keep moving over?", Colleen said yes. =D Jaimie told me later that it looked like something out of Alien. lol Colleen said everything looked A-OK ...my placenta isn't over or near my cervix (it's actually at the top of my uterus) ...and Baby Ohz was curled up in the vertex position.

Then, just before Colleen went to put her wand away, Jaimie asked 'the question'. We had talked about it in the car on the way back to the doctor's office ...and we decided to find out if Baby Ohz is a Jiana or a Jaiden. Colleen started poking and prodding the wand high up in my abdomen ...but it seems Baby Ohz is a lot like his/her Mommy! When my mother went for an ultrasound when she was pregnant with me, I wouldn't get my legs out of the way. Well, neither would Baby Ohz! lol So, Baby Ohz still remains a mystery.

But Jaimie and I cannot tell you how happy we were to know that Baby Ohz is okay and my 'super' cervix is still doing its job. After the ultrasound, we went back with Erica and she did a pap smear and took some swabs to rule out infections. She said that most womens' cervices during pregnancy are 2-3 mm thick ...mine is a 'super' 4.7 mm! lol Then we finished up being poked and prodded and went to the nurses' station to get a sooner-than-Oct 27th-appointment set up.

My next appointment ...today at 4 pm!! I'm going back for the full anatomy ultrasound (wooooot!!!!) and my glucose screening (bleh! lol). Jaimie's going to try to make it for the appointment, but if he's not there, I'm going to ask Colleen to write the baby's sex down on paper (No, Mom, I'm not mailing it to you ...but I will call and tell you the results!! lol), that way we'll still be able to find out together! =D Hopefully, since this is my first (and probably only) *big* ultrasound scan, I'll be able to get lots of pictures! =D So I'll be posting tomorrow the big news. =D Stay tuned!!

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