Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Perhaps I Need to Study Harder

I got a call yesterday afternoon from my doctor's office. My glucose test came back slightly higher than it should have been. Anything above 140 is questionable (mine was 146), so now I have to make an appointment at the hospital to go back for the 3-hour glucose test.

I have to say, I'm disappointed and upset ...but I had a feeling I'd either get gestational diabetes or preeclampsia ...heck, why not both? Both of my grandmothers are diabetic, as is my uncle on my mom's side. That ups my risk factor right there ...not to mention I was overweight again when we got pregnant this time. Add to that that our little guy was in the 77th percentile for his estimated age ...it's probably G.D.

But, it could just be a fluke. Maybe I ate too many carbs before the test (I did eat some crackers about 30-45 minutes before I drank the Glucola...they told me no sugary stuff, nothing about carbs tho). With the second test, I have to fast ...so I can't eat anything after midnight, then I'll go in at 8am. So, we'll see how that goes and I'll probably find out sometime next week the results.

**Update: Jaimie picked up my paperwork for me, and I'm going to the hospital tomorrow morning to get my 3 hour test done asap ...Will let everyone know how it goes when I get back tomorrow afternoon**

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Monty said...

Oh yuck! I hope it was just a fluke and you'll pass the 3 hour test with flying colors!