Thursday, October 9, 2008

Uh Oh ...Naming Dilemma Already??

Well, since the ultrasound Tuesday night, we have been running around saying "Jaiden Thomas" this ...and "Jaiden Thomas" that. The name Jaiden had been something we've had "set in stone" for nearly two years now. We had been having a discussion about baby names, and I had told Jaimie that I loved the name Aiden for a boy. Because Jaimie has a personal J-name tradition in his family, he said he liked the name, but it didn't start with a J. ...So we added one and got Jaiden!! Perfect! We also agreed on the spelling, because the first three letters of Jaiden and Jaimie are the same. I like little things like that.

Then, earlier this year, Jaimie's oldest son, James, and his girlfriend, Amy, had their second son. What did they name him? Jaiden (spelled differently tho). I went thru a hissy-fit stage ... pouting around the house and whining, "How could she take our name?!" ...Well, truthfully, they never knew the names we'd had picked out for our kids, so it's not really their fault. But I was being whiney and selfish, so it totally was their fault!! So I made a list of 'alternative' J boy names, but Jaimie pretty much shot the idea down and reassured me that it wouldn't matter what they named their son ... that we could still have our little boy be Jaiden. And so that's what we did.

Buuuuut ...last night when we got up off the couch to head to bed, and Jaimie touched my stomach and said Jaiden (amongst all his little nicknames), he tells me, "You know, I do like the name Jackson." At first, all I hear are the bombs raining down around me ... but then I snap out of it and say, "I've always liked that name too ... I had thought about using it if we ever had more than one boy. You know, it's kind of a homage to my hometown, too? Jacksonville!" And Jaimie goes on to say, "I like the nickname as well -- Jack."

OMG ...what have we gotten ourselves into?? You know how I said in my last post that I was a little disappointed it wasn't a girl? ...Well, at the same time, I was also relieved that we wouldn't have to worry about picking out a middle name just yet!! lol I was happy that our little Jaiden Thomas' name was "set in stone." ...I guess we picked a really weak stone ...'cause it's starting to crack and crumble!!

So now we have to decide if we're going to stick with Jaiden ...or perhaps go with Jackson (and maybe play with spelling on that ...I like Jaxson, Jaimie's not too sure about the whole 'ebonics' X thing). By choosing Jaiden, we'll have two boys in the family only a year apart with that name ...we don't have that problem with Jackson. But Jaiden has been such a long time favorite ...UGH!! Such a tough dilemma ...I love them both!! Why couldn't we just have had twin boys? lol

I've created a poll on the baby's blog. Jaiden v. Jackson. Lemme know what you think. Either way the middle name stays the same ...Thomas, after my late grandfather. <3 Well, at least we have another three months to figure it out!!

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