Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Whoever knew that being told to drink 4 - 5 glasses of water and not pee would be *this* torturous. Okay ...so all the pregnant women who've had to do this! lol

For some reason, I didn't think I'd have to do the full bladder thing for an ultrasound. Boy, was I wrong!! I still have over an hour before my appointment and I have to PEE!!! I even 'cheated' and peed at 2 pm. It's a good thing I did tho or I'd be in even more agony than I already am!

I'm starting to think another reason women look forward to the ultrasound is so that they can pee afterward. The release has seriously got to be just as satisfying as seeing your little baby on the screen! lol

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Yo said...

Oh Jessa - glad the bleeding wasn't placenta previa. Hope it goes away soon, BUT - how exciting to see your little one! Keep us posted about the results! Sending you tons of good vibes today! Hold that pee! :-) xoxo Yo!