Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Best Day Ever ... So Far!! ^.^

My appointment yesterday went fantastic! Just one quick 'rant' before I start, however.

** Don't let the doctors/nurses fool you!! The drink for the Glucose Screening Test is NOT awful!! It's the "You're not allowed to pee before your ultrasound" that is the true horror!! =D **

Aside from my desperate need to pee when I got to my appointment yesterday and Jaimie not being able to make it for the full ultrasound, my visit to the doctor's office went *very* well!

I went in and Colleen, the ultrasound tech, first checked my cervix and something else ...then she let me pee. Oh, thank you, Colleen!!! lol

She then got started on the baby's anatomy. She told me that she would check out what she had to, then she would show me the baby and answer my questions. However, while she was doing her measurements, I would comment or ask something and she answered everything. Colleen is, by far, the best ultrasound tech we've ever had!! =D

Colleen said that the baby looks great ...everything is measuring well too. =D She looked at the baby's head and brain, stomach and kidneys, heart, and femur. It was really amazing to see the baby's heart beating on the screen!! ^.^ She also checked the placenta and measured the amniotic fluid around the baby.

So a few stats: Colleen measured the baby at being 29 weeks (based on my last period I'm about 27 weeks). The baby is 15 inches long (and I can't remember if she said that was crown to rump or not >< I think being that long, tho, it's probably more a head to toe measurement!) and weighs 2lbs 14 oz ...that's almost 3lbs!! Baby Ohz is in the 77th percentile little over-achiever! ^.^ Based on Colleen's measurements, she put my expected due date up to December 22, 2008!! Maybe we'll have a Christmas baby!

Okay I know you probably skipped all my blabbing for what you really came here for. I know you're all dying to know ... "Did you find out what you're having?!?!?" ...Either that or you're saying to yourself, "Pictures, woman!! Pictures!!" lol

Well, here HE is!!! Our little Baby Ohz -- Jaiden Thomas!!

Since Jaimie was not there, I asked Colleen if she would find out the sex and write it down for me ...I brought an envelope for her to put the 'surprise' in, that way Jaimie and I could open it together. She did one better tho -- she took a picture of Jaiden's 'boy parts' and put all the pictures in the envelope for me. While I was waiting to get my blood drawn for the glucose test, Jaimie came in and I handed him the envelope. He found the picture and smiled. ^.^ Then he got all giddy about getting to buy "boy toys" again. lol

I will say one thing ... I had a slight tinge of disappointment learning we were having a boy. Jaimie also felt that, because 1. he knew how much I wanted a girl first and 2. I know he's wanted a girl too. But I smiled at Jaimie and said, "Well, you know what this means? We just get to try again!" ^.^ He laughed and rolled his eyes ... "You just keep pushing my retirement further and further away!" I am *very* excited to be having a little boy ... and I know my little Jiana will be waiting for her day in the spotlight!! So, for now, my niece Jessica is still the only granddaughter!! =D Enjoy it while you can, Jess!! =D

I will have the rest of the pictures posted on The Adventures of Baby Ohz. Colleen was kind enough to give me seven!! =D I had to get a little 'creative' because I don't have a scanner. I used my (crappy) camera to take pictures of the pictures, then I cropped them down one by one to make 'individuals'. They are still slightly blurry, but not as bad as when I try to zoom in and take them individually. I also added a few labels to certain ones ...those ultrasounds can be rather confusing. I give Colleen a lot of credit for knowing what she's looking for!! =D

So, yay for Jaiden! And yay for a great doctor's appointment!!


jlmishler said...

YAY for Jaiden! What a sweet name. He is beautiful! Loves

Yo said...

Wonderful news! And, WELCOME to the December baby group! So glad everything is looking so great. Hugs to you! xoxo Yo!